At Archiscan have a number of hire options to suit your requirements:

  1. Hire of scanner and accessories only
    This option is best suited for intermediate or advanced users that have experience with using the scanners & data processing software. We would normally recommend that customers attend our 2 day basic training course prior to a self-hire.
  2. Hire of scanner, accessories and operator
    Clients are able to oversee one of our experienced operators carry out a live project and gain a feel for how the process works. Customers may wish to work as a collaboration in which case we would simply provide the scanner and operator.
  3. Hire and training on live projects
    We are also able to roll the scanner hire and training into one if needed. This way a structured training course is delivered on a live project. The client gains training at the same time as delivering a commercial project.
  4. Insurance cover
    We are able to arrange insurance cover for clients who do not have their own insurance cover.
  5. Training on the use of our range of scanners and software.
    We will provide training on how to use laser scanners and the processing software.



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